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Kinze 700-01079C Brush Type Seed Meter Assembly

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The Kinze Brush-Type Seed Meter delivers accurate mechanical seed metering, without the need for adjustments to compensate for seed size variations. The Kinze Brush-Type Seed Meter is capable of planting soybeans, milo/grain sorghum and cotton. Color-coded seed discs are molded from the latest engineering-grade urethanes; they’re also long-lasting and resist seed treatment buildup. Custom-designed seed cells assist seed fill by effectively agitating the seed to improve performance.

The Kinze Brush-Type Seed Meter features a die cast, anodized aluminum housing and a system of brushes that fill and gently retain seeds. The seeds are individually collected in specially formed pockets along the perimeter of a precision-molded seed disc. As the disc rotates vertically within the housing, seeds are picked up by the seed pocket and retained by the brushes in the Kinze meter. When they reach a point immediately above the seed tube, they are released to drop gently through the tube into the seed trench.

Model Applications

  • Kinze 2000 & 3000 Series Planter Units
  • John Deere 7000 & 7100

Note: Kinze Brush Type Seed Meter does not include the seed cell plate needed to operate the meter, please order separately

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